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Associate Agent 

  • Joined team in 2012


Rob Lawson saved me a significant amount of money when I switched!


Nate G.

Crown City, OH

I got quotes from Rob Lawson, what a great guy! My father, myself, and many of my customers now have insurance with Rob. I can’t say enough good things about him!


Ryan H.

Bryan, OH

       Unlike his fellow team members, Rob did not begin his insurance career with Rose and Kissner. Originally a professional stage actor at The Gaslight Theatre in Arizona, it was not until 2005, when he overheard on the radio that a certain gecko-loving insurance company was expanding its regional office. Intrigued by their pay and benefits package, he decided to check it out. For the next year, he was balancing life as an insurance-selling theatre performer, but eventually came to realize how rewarding it was for him to help people in their times of need. In 2012, Rob decided to join the Rose and Kissner team. He and Mandi have been friends since high school, and he has enjoyed working for her for over a decade so far! When he isn’t working hard at getting his customers the best possible rates, Rob loves spending time with his family, being the owner/instructor at Rob's Music Studio, conveniently located across the street from Rose and Kissner Insurance Agency! 

About Rob
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